• 05.01.2023
  • 14858

I lost my boy in December of 2021 . Absolutely heartbroken......... this is the first time I have been able to watch a doxy video and I am now starting to tear up. Walter was a standard black and tan wiennie . He was the love of my life. Pretty sure I will never get over the loss.

1 Hour of Funny Miniature Dachshund dogs
  • 04.01.2023
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My favorite dog breed! I've always had a miniature Dachshund and a Doberman didn't plan it, just seemed to happen. Lol Now just have 1 Doxie rescued 7 years ago that's just a sweetheart ♥️

  • 29.12.2022
  • 4315

This is a summarized video clip our how "Ochang", our red mini dachshund gave birth to 8 puppies! So far, it's the most number of puppies we had and the healthiest litter also.. "Ochang" is such a jolly and energetic dog and no wonder her puppies are too! She had such an easy time pushing therefore it only went 10-15 mins break after the next puppy comes out.. The longest took 30 mins and it's quite obvious that she got tired because it's the last puppy .. Overall, we are very happy to see these little cuties grow more awesome.. Thank you for sharing with our hapiness.. Keep spreading doggo love.. ;))

Adorable dachshund puppies
  • 27.12.2022
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I lost my boy in December of 2021 . Absolutely heartbroken......... this is the first time I have been able to watch a doxy video and I am now starting to tear up. Walter was a standard black and tan wiennie . He was the love of my life. Pretty sure I will never get over the loss.

The perfect dachshund family
  • 20.12.2022
  • 22259

So happy to see young adults finding their passion to care for others. It's plain to see how much she truly loves her "kids" !! Kudos to you for sharing your love.

Dachshund Dog Breeds Giving Birth To Many Cute Puppies
  • 19.12.2022
  • 6124

What a.beautiful perfect birth. My girl is just over 7 weeks and she’s enormous. She’s a Shih tzu and although I’m super organised and well versed in what to expect and what to do should anything go wrong, you never know how things can turn out so I’m super nervous for my baby girl and her little ones. Your girl looks like she’s a perfect mother very maternal and loving. Thanks for uploading this video it was wonderful

Dachshund One Hour and a Half The Best Funny Naughty playful and Cute weiner IG Video Compilation.
  • 18.12.2022
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Hey I just wanted to thank you for this video! I am caretaker for an elderly family member who has alzheimers. She gets very restless and nervous sometimes, but we put on this video and get her comfy on the sofa, and she loves to watch the puppies having fun. It keeps her attention and calms her down. Thank you ❤

COCO JR” Miniature Dachshund “ROAR” : Cute Puppy
  • 17.12.2022
  • 81346

I asked my mom for one and she said yes but 2 days later she said no u can get a fish or u can get nothing Like dude these are so cute That is just the cutest little thing ever

0-10 days of life | newborn puppies | dachshund puppies
  • 03.12.2022
  • 22293

Such a good mother dog. I had 2 short haired miniature dachund, one black and tan the other red. Did not know they came in white and black. Such happy mischivious intelligent loving dogs they were. Now where I live I can't have a dog however enjoy your videos very much.

One Half Hour Cute Memorable Time with Dachshund, playful sausage dogs instagram videos compilation
  • 02.12.2022
  • 4525

When my Doxie got in trouble, I'd look at him, then tell him he's just one loaf of bread and a jar of mustard away from being lunch. He knew he was in trouble them!

  • 02.12.2022
  • 7013

Lovely record of Coco’s happy life - playing, exploring, being close to her mum and being so inquisitive. Thank you Eveline for the compilation

Adorable Cat Helps Calm Down Excited Dachshund
  • 01.12.2022
  • 29343

The way the dog approaches the cat and lies down and exposes her belly......there is no alarm or distress in her face....she obviously wants a little physical contact.....oh sure, the cat might get a little rowdy.....but the dog is obviously not concerned or she would have run away. They are obviously cuddle buddies.

  • 30.11.2022
  • 11021

You made me cry. So glad Doxie made it back home. Feel bad for the guy in the red hoodie who had to play the villain. He's going to be on one big naughty list.

Meet the weens!
  • 30.11.2022
  • 4890

would you like to meet the new baby say hello Cute little man looks like my daughters dog Molly. She has passed but we still talk about her. Those little weiny dogs are precious.

They Let a Dog in a Lion's Cage. What Happened Then Shocked Everyone
  • 30.11.2022
  • 14940

Sometimes very different people become friends. You probably know a pair of best friends who don't have anything in common. Moreover, they are so different that you don't understand how they became friends in the first place. Amazingly, you can find such examples not only among humans. Animals do that to. There have been many unlikely friendships in history, and today we are gonna talk about some

After Years of Eating Fast Food, Rescued Obese Daschund is Losing Weight
  • 29.11.2022
  • 1043852

A Daschund named Vincent was dropped off a K-9 Angels rescue in Houston, Texas after his owner passed away. But the pup had trouble getting around because he was extremely obese weighing 38 pounds, more than double the ideal weight.

Funny Dachshund dogs videos
  • 28.11.2022
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This Dogs are very good and clean and very playful with together and with the family too.And they are very good with children too.from vanessa

Funny dog singing in the shower!
  • 28.11.2022
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Ha ha ha i totally luv this and what is happening when you aren't home your dog will be sure to let you know if they misbehaved by that guilty look they give you but how can you be mad at a cute adorable little dog giving you the guilt look